썬에서 제공하는 자바 튜닝 whitepaper

물론 JVM 옵션 튜닝만 한다고 해서 답은 안나오겠지만,
튜닝할게 더이상 없다면, JVM 버젼 upgrade 및 옵션 튜닝을 해야 할 것이다.

아래는 이 글의 목차다.

뭐 다 읽기 귀찮으신 분들은 4.2 부터 적용해 보시면 된다.

1   Introduction

1.1   Goals
1.2   This is a Living Document
1.3   How to Use this White Paper

2   Best Practices

2.1   Use the most recent Java™ release
2.2   Get the latest Java™ update release
2.3   Insure your operating system patches are up-to-date
2.4   Eliminate variability

3   Making Decisions from Data

3.1   Beware of Microbenchmarks!
3.2   Use Statistics
3.3   Use a benchmark harness

4   Tuning Ideas

4.1   General Tuning Guidelines

4.1.1   Be Aware of Ergonomics Settings
4.1.2   Heap Sizing
4.1.3   Garbage Collector Policy
4.1.4   Other Tuning Parameters

4.2   Tuning Examples

4.2.1   Tuning Example 1: Tuning for Throughput
4.2.2   Tuning Example 2: Try the parallel old generation collector
4.2.3   Tuning Example 3: Try 256 MB pages
4.2.4   Tuning Example 4: Try -XX:+AggressiveOpts
4.2.5   Tuning Example 5: Try Biased Locking
4.2.6   Tuning Example 6: Tuning for low pause times and high throughput
4.2.7   Tuning Example 7: Try AggressiveOpts for low pause times and high throughput

5   Monitoring and Profiling

5.1   Monitoring
5.2   Profiling

6   Coding for Performance
7   Pointers
8   Feedback and the Java Performance Community

8.1   Feedback
8.2   Java Performance Community

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